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January 23, 2018 - 6 : 50 pm IST

Pricing Model

Erudite Soft offers multiple pricing models to meet diverse needs of our clients. We offer the following models:

  • Time & Material
  • Fixed Price
  • Milestone based Price

Time & Material

In this model, the project pricing depends on the amount of time spent and the resources deployed. This is normally useful for complex projects which are prone to specification and design changes at a high frequency.

Fixed Price

In this model, price and time is quoted after assessing the time and resources it takes to deliver the project. This is normally useful when the scope and specifications for the projects are clear and pretty much frozen. Any requirement changes during the development will be planned for in terms of time and money.

Milestone based Price

This model is normally suited for clients, who are very apprehensive about a new vendor. This allows them to monitor the projects progress closely and pay according to deliveries made.

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